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The mission of the South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators (SCABSE) is to ensure a high quality education for all children, particularly for African-American children by establishing coalitions, providing forums, facilitating the placement of African-American professionals, and influencing public policy.

SCABSE supports the philosophy that is espoused by the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE).  NABSE affirms the inherent worth, dignity and educability of black people.  NABSE challenges forces which obstruct the achievement, development, and educational opportunities of youth and adults.  Black children throughout the United States encounter problems that are directly related to their minority group status.  It is the mission of NABSE to enhance and facilitate their education.

Since its beginning, SCABSE has significantly increased its membership and has been able to generate the support of the business community as well as educational and governmental leaders throughout South Carolina.  Through strong leadership and commitment, the Alliance will continue to be a voice for advocating quality education for our children, recruiting, and training of African-American teachers, and providing a forum for sharing knowledge related to educational issues affecting South Carolina's African Americans.  Granted incorporation status in October 1990, SCABSE is the foundation that provides a vision for all persons who are interested in the education of African-American youth.


  • To improve the academic achievement of all children.

  • To recruit persons to education as a career.

  • To share ideas about effective educational programs and techniques.

  • To distribute information about career opportunities.

  • To influence public policy as it relates to educational issues.

Annual Winter Conference: Sessions are specifically designed to address the critical issues in education that impact educators and students.


SCABSE Newsletter: Relevant information through quarterly newsletter.


Seminars: These are designed to provide professional training and a mechanism to share ideas and successful strategies.


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